About Donna

My name is Donna and my spiritual readings can help guide you to put your past behind, and your future forward. I am a truly gifted psychic, and have helped many people all over the world for over 2 decades. I offer in-depth guidance on the topics of love, life, wealth, and family. You may have had a reading before, but a true connection with the right psychic will open a door to your inner spirit. My services are Palm readings, Tarot cards, psychic life readings, crystals and energy readings, and I am also able to give you advice on life issues and finding Soulmates. I'm personable, easy to talk to and know how to listen to give positive results.


Very often, love situations are difficult to handle when you are in there. Our clairvoyance techniques can help with matters of the heart.


Is it time to tighten your budget? Can you finally treat yourself to something you've been saving up for? I can help guide you.


With the Great Recession has come a lot of worry and uncertainty about money. Many people are out of work. Donna can help.


If the emotional atmosphere at home is turbulent, and you feel you have lost control, please consult Donna for support.

Get Your Psychic Reading

A powerful psychic reading can be a pretty amazing experience. Did you also know that there are things that you can do to help make your session great?

Prepare Mentally

What’s on your mind that caused you to make an appointment for a reading?  A day or so before your session take a little time and think about the questions you’d like to ask, or the areas you’d like to cover during your appointment.

Be Relaxed

It’s totally normal to be nervous prior to a reading. However, it really helps the energy flow in a session when you are relaxed. If you arrive at your session and find that you are a bundle of nerves, take a few minutes and talk to Me. This will often be enough to help put you at ease.

Ask Questions

When you ask questions that begin with why, how, or what, you are really opening the door to exploring an issue in depth. Sometimes, there are even past life connections that come into play that you can’t discover with a yes or no type question.


Keeping the energy flowing during a reading is super important. One great way to do this is to be open to all possibilities.  In your reading, discuss the issues you came for, but welcome the unexpected also. While it’s true that I should be doing most of the talking, that doesn’t mean you have to sit solemnly in silence.  In fact, you should participate to keep the energy going.


A powerful psychic reading cannot take place if you are distracted. During your reading, you really want to focus on the task at hand.  If you are having a reading, make sure you are in a quiet, comfortable with no distractions – that means no kids running around, ignoring your phone, etc.

Have Fun

Above all else, enjoy the experience!  A powerful psychic reading should feel like a conversation with a friend that you don’t want to end. Participate, ask questions, get excited!  Have fun!

Have a Psychic at Your Next Event

Whether your throwing a Sweet 16, Wedding Shower, Corporate Events, Girls Night In, you can rely on Psychic Life Visions for a truly unforgettable party!

  • Tarot readings.
  • Palm readings
  • Astrology & Numerology
  • Tea-leaf readings 
  • Face readings.
I specialize in good fortune telling and provide short, accurate and inspiring readings to uplift the spirit of your guests.  My party psychics will show up dressed in elegant bohemian chic attire or in costumes adapted to the theme of your event.

Call Me Today


If you are unsure which service is right for you, feel free to ask! If you are concerned about your luck, love, career, and dreams I have the answers for you. I can offer a professional opinion, and then you can make the final decision to better improve your life. Give me a call today!

(212) 681-6159

821 2nd Ave New York NY 10017